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In the Base / General section you can find basic information about the essentials you are looking for (original country, peculiarities of the plant, method of essential production, odor properties, chemical composition, interesting facts and history).

Also, this section has another purpose. Base / General category in this website dedicated for base mixtures which can be added as components while creating mixtures in other categories.


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March 3, 2015
Spiritual healing techniques described in this website are not meant to be a full discussion on the subject, but is only included for the interest of our visitors and their broader understanding of holistic medicine and healings.

Spiritual healing can take two forms - that of a sick person being healed through his or her own belief in his or her God or Spiritual guide. The other is where a Spiritual healer is used to assist the sick person.

Spiritual practice is something you do on a daily basis, which brings you into closer alignment with who you really are. In other words a Spiritual practice draws you deeper into your authentic Truth as a Divine spiritual being in physical form.

Aromatic herbs and oils, including essential oils, have been an integral part of the Spiritual practices of many religions and cultures throughout history. Essential oils were absolutely used as a powerful medicine cabinet direct from nature, but they were also used in sacred ceremony, ritual, and as a Spiritual practice.

Scientifically essential oils have been shown to carry the highest vibration of any substance measured. When you come into contact with these high vibrational oils they have an uplifting effect. Essential oils are great helpers for the spiritual practitioner.


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From a medical perspective Aromatherapy is the treatment or prevention of disease by use of essential oils.

Two basic mechanisms are offered to explain the purported effects. One is the influence of aroma on the brain, especially the limbic system through the olfactory system.The other is the direct pharmacological effects of the essential oils.

 A lot of essential oils are thought to uplifting the human psyche and many of them have antiseptic properties, meaning they reduce the chances of infection when used topically.

This website also includes various plants and their healing properties (menu section "Plants").  This science section  called Herbalism (also Herbal medicine, Phyto medicine).

Herbalsm is the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes. Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such Traditional medicine is still widely practiced today.

Medicine / Heath is a very important section in this website, the information you put in this section should be checked by scientific research, advice from experts or shamans, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Tradicional medicine specialists.

The information in this website is intended for informational purposes only, and is meant to help users better understand health concerns. Remember, keep all medicines out of the reach of children.


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Basic oils, essential oils, powders, clays, extracts, herbal teas are safely used for beauty purpose. Plants and their various substances perfectly tones, nourishes, moisturizes and heals human skin.

Perfume is also a very important sectiom of ​​Aromatherapy. This website includes this section in the Beauty / Cosmetics area. By breathing the fragrances of plant substances we can feel a wonderful concept of internal beauty, which changes our understanding of the existence of beauty in all the nature. As a result, the beauty of the scent is described in the best poetry and philosopher texts.

Skin is an elaborate organ that is designed as a unique barrier to filter and block harmful elements from entering your system. Skin perfectly absorbs herbal products without the slightest irritation or allergy.

Do not forget that more is less. We need a little drop of oil to cleanse and blossom our  skin. All essential oils, extracts should be diluted in base oils to avoid unwanted effects.

The use of oils in cosmetics requires a careful adaptation of the oils to the results of the skin analysis. Not every oil is suitable for every individual case. Also potential sensitivities to certain components have to be considered.

Depending on the refining processes and the provenance, oils with identical declaration may nevertheless have different characteristics.


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Medicinal plants, oils and culinary herbs have been used since ancient times. The use of essential oils in culinary raises food to the next level.

Herbal tea or cup of cofee wich was incense with Frankincense resin will always give you extra mood, also the use of Rose water in culinary has great traditions in the East.

Oils, essential oil, herbs, spices are natural and safe alternative preservatives and health promoters. Also, because essential oils are rarely called for in recipes, it’s important to know when to add them. A good rule of thumb is to add them toward the end of the cooking process to preserve the most flavor, because essential oils are sensitive to high heat.

In this Food / Cooking area we are talking about various drinks, sweets, marinades, soups, ice cream,porridges and all kinds of ingenious incorporate spices in the food.

Food and liquid are important to sustain life and to meet our body’s basic needs for growth, development, and function. Food and eating behaviors often begin during childhood and are closely tied to family and culture.