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Water (H2O)

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Silver Birch Leaves (Betula Pendula)

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10 unit


Silver Birch tree has long been known as a "traditional tonic" and medicinal plant, which dates back many hundreds of years and is quoted in a lot of very old texts.

The Birch leaves, when collected in Spring time, can be brewed into a tea for a refreshing tonic drink or be used as a hot compress, which invigorates the skin, particularly for acne on the face. The leaves can be brewed for a period of 10-15 minutes in a teapot.

Birch tree
in various forms, has also been utilised to treat arthritis, eczema, gout and psoriasis, but really it is at its best when being used to treat acne vulgaris.

The fresh leaves or buds of Birch offer a powerful but pleasant tea for general detoxing, urinary complaints, cystitis, rheumatic and arthritic troubles.

Dried and young Birch leaves have the same medical efficiency as Birch sap. Pick the leaves in late spring (April) or early summer, while they are still fresh and light green.

You can soak Birch leaves in water for few hours and then use the strained solution for washing the skin as a treatment for these skin problems. It is also good for healing various other skin irritations.

Birch tonic is very mild and it can be used in allergic skin. This tonic you can pour into a bottle with a spray and use during the day as refreshing mist for face. You can also use it on a cotton pad to remove make-up.

How to make Natural tonic for acne treatment :

Everything is very simple. Take fresh or dried Birch leaves in a cup and pour a cup of hot water (~60C).

Wait until the mixture cools down and use as you like. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator. Use it in three days. If this tonic you don't take in fridge try to consume in one day.
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