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Palmarosa Essential Oil (Cymbopogon Martinii)

MoreSectionIcon  Palmarosa Essential Oil (Cymbopogon Martinii)

10 drop(s)
Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus Aurantium)

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6 drop(s)
Damask Rose Essential Oil (Rosa Damascena)

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4 drop(s)
Oil Bottles

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1 millilitre


In Sanskrit, Anāhata means "unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten". The Anahata Chakra is inthe central channelin the spine at the heart, with its Kshetram (superficial activation site) between the breasts and to the right of the physical heart.

It is associated with air, touch and actions of the hands.

In Anahata one makes decisions "follows one's heart" based on one's higher self, not the unfulfilled emotions and desires of lower nature.

As such, it is known as the Heart chakra. It is also associated with love and compassion, charity to others and psychic healing.

When the life force flows within us unhindered and harmoniously, we feel light-hearted and happy. Happiness means to be in complete balance. When we are free of fear and tension the Heart Chakra opens and imparts pleasant feelings and inner strength.

This strength heals the inner wounds and allows us to forget the pain and unpleasantness of the past. On one hand we experience delightful, happy feelings in the Anāhata Chakra, but on the other hand it is extremely easy to become unbalanced in this Chakra.

Dysfunction or imbalance inthe Heart Chakra can manifest as emotional pain and indecisiveness, sadness, depression, distrust, lack of compassion, fear of rejection, paranoia, lack of fulfillment, seemingly insatiable yearning, fear of emotional of sexual intimacy, feelings of abandonment, low self-esteem, self criticism and even self hate.

In the physical body, the Heart Chakra is closely connected with the respiratory, circulatory and immune system. Not surprisingly, Heart Chakra imbalances manifest as lung, heart, circulatory and immune issues.

Spiritual wounds are far more difficult to heal than physical ones. They can easily be ripped open again and drag us down into a whirlpool of emotions. In such a situation it is best to withdraw from the external world for a short while and reflect inwardly.

The morethe Heart centre opens, the more strongly and deeply we feel the spiritual pain - but we can rest assured that it will finally dissolve in the light of love and wisdom.

Therefore we should not forget to keep the door of our heart open.

Most people think of the heart when they think of Rose, and, indeed, Rose is a quintessential Heart Chakra essential oil. It promotes love, compassion, hope and an ability to experience deeper, more honest and meaningful relationships. It cultivates nurturing and self love. Rose also instills an appreciation for beauty. 

Palmarosa is quite similar in attributes and effects on the Heart Chakra. Palmarosa helps to open the Heart Chakra and connect with mother earth energy which in turn provides us with a sense of security and unconditional love.

When we are in the state of fear our Heart energy closes and we become shut down. Palmarosa releases emotions of shut down, resentment and powerless that come from keeping a closed heart or from mother issues.

When we embrace the energy of a mother or Mother Earth we feel protected and nourished from within. To fulfill our spiritual journey and to become whole I am reminded that we must resolve both mother and father issues. It is the harmony between the masculine and feminine energies. 

Neroli is very much Heart Chakra essential oil. Neroli essential oil encourage trust and a sense of security. It opens the Heart Chakra, dispel fear, allow love in and promote hope and joyful love.

Depending on the situation or intention, many other essential oils may be appropriate or even more relevant than these Heart Chakra essential oils.

Put these mix oils (about 4 drops) in an amber or cobalt blue 10ml glass bottle and fill the the remainder of the bottle with a carrier oil (Jojoba, Almond, Marula). Cover and shake gently to integrate the oils.

Use for inhalation. Or anoint yourself or rub into the center of the chest.

After 6 month this mixture can smell better than first day, it depends how long we take a time to mix all ingredients together. Essential oil needs a time, and they will show us those real qualities.
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