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Black Spruce Essential Oil (Picea Mariana)

MoreSectionIcon  Black Spruce Essential Oil (Picea Mariana)

20 drop(s)
Ethyl Alcohol (CH3 CH2 OH)

MoreSectionIcon  Ethyl Alcohol (CH3 CH2 OH)

1 spoon(s)
Water (H2O)

MoreSectionIcon  Water (H2O)

100 millilitre
Oil Bottles

MoreSectionIcon  Oil Bottles

100 millilitre
Atlantic Cedar Essential Oil (Cedrus Atlantica)

MoreSectionIcon  Atlantic Cedar Essential Oil (Cedrus Atlantica)

20 drop(s)


Essential oil odor in the air confirms that we breathe clean air that contains the vital force of the plant protects and strengthens our health. When we perfume your house, apartment or workspace with essential oil,  we design our individuality and uniqueness.

Studies show that the best home odors (essential oils) are:  Citronella, Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Thyme, Clove, Pine, Rosemary, Laurel essential oils. They not only destroys bad odors, cleans the air of microbes, but it helps to get rid of unwanted guests (insects), cleans the difficult atmosphere, creating a clean, safe and pleasant home environment.

The simplest premises perfuming way is to use the evaporator (oil difuser), which corresponds to the size of the room. Depending on the size evaporators used 4-10 drops of pure essential oils.

But if we want to do it faster or take perfume in small spaces such as bathroom or toilet room. We can make a room freshener from natural materials. To make this air freshener we need a spoon of spirits (good 40% of the vodka), boiled or distilled water and 20 - 30 drops of your favorite essential oil.

How to make home made Air freshener:

Take a small jar and dip into bowl essential oils. I chose the Black Spruce essential oil (20 drops) and Atlantic Cedar essential oil (20 drops).

Then pour into the same jar a tablespoon of vodka. Everything mix well. Alcohol helps to bind water and essential oils.

All of this mixture we can be poured into the bottle with sprayer.

Pour the water into the same bottle and shake well everything.

You can store this mixture in the refrigerator, I use this spray very often and I finished it in 3 weeks.

Do not be frightened when the mixture from time to time became milky in color or shows a precipitate inside. It is still appropriate to use.
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