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Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Spiritual Practises

Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra)SPIRITUAL PRACTISESIn the ancient world Frankincense resin was valued more than gold and in our time it is a rare and unique gift. The scent is historically connected with healing and spirituality in almost every culture and religion.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2020-02-12)

Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Food / Cooking

Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra)FOOD / COOKINGOnly Green Boswellia Sacra resin can be used internally (chew, drink its water or extract), because this is the only species that biochemical composition is safe to consume internally.

According to Oman people traditions, Frankincense is the best chewing gum and spice for sweets.
Frankincense resin strengthens teeth and gums, improves digestion, removes accumulated mucus, makes a fresh and pleasant smell in mouth.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2020-01-17)

Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Medicine / Health

Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra)MEDICINE / HEALTH
Main qualities of Frankincense resin and essential oil:

Support immune system;
Prevent bacterial invasion;
Prevents fungal dissemination and grow;
Prevents viral invasion;
Has like antiseptic activity;
Balance immune system and act as a anti-inflammatory,
Helps heal wounds and scars.

According ancient sources, Frankincense has a lot of healing qualities, so it can be called Panacea for every disease: starting from cold, ending at cancer.

When chewing Frankincense Resin or drinking its water, helps to concentrate, focus when doing mental activity or work, and at the same time remove stress and unnecessary thoughts flow.

In Oman people add small Frankincense piece in a glass or bottle of water for the night, and in the morning, they drink it.  According to century old experience, Frankincense Resin not only helps to improve digestion, but increases immunity to various diseases, improves memory and concentration, improves the beauty of the skin.

The smoke of burning resin is a traditional remedy for headaches.

Light exposition to Frankincense smoke helps to soothe tired and irritated eyes.

The smoke of burning resin is a traditional remedy for headaches.

Traditionally, the smoke of Frankincense incense is inhaled to relieve the symptoms of cold. It is a great support for respiratory system.

Frankincense has anti-inflammatory effects that may help reduce joint inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers believe that Frankincense can prevent the release of leukotrienes, which are compounds that can cause inflammation.

Terpenes and boswellic acids appear to be the strongest anti-inflammatory compounds in Frankincense.

In humans, Erankincense extracts may help reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The boswellic acids it contains might prevent cancer cells from spreading.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2020-01-17)

Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Omani Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra)BEAUTY / COSMETICS
People in middle east scent their clothes and home with Frankincense Resin, incense is obligatory in marriage and traditional ceremonies.

Women use incense as a home perfume. Traditional women wouldn’t even go out of the house or back without standing above burning incense or resin for a while. In that way they perfume their body, hair and clothes and clean.

The smoke of incense is also used as a cosmetic for smooth skin, keep youthful and beautiful look. Instead of applying cream they just keep their face in the incense smoke.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2020-01-17)

Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica Granatum) ☸ Base oils ☸ Medicine / Health

Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica Granatum)MEDICINE / HEALTHResearch has shown that Pomegranate Seed oil can have a notable effect on insulin resistance, which is very good news for someone who is struggling with diabetes or at high risk of developing that condition.
This oil effective for protecting the immune activity on the skin, preventing many of the airborne pathogens from taking hold on the body’s largest organ.

According to a 2017 study published in the Molecules journal, Punicic acid, the primary active ingredient in Pomegranate Seed oil, as well as conjugated Linoleic acid has anti-proliferative effects on breast cancer.

Another review article published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine stated that Pomegranate and its products have anticarcinogenic effects against prostate cancer (Punicic acid).

Pomegranate Seed oil contains a magical compound, a new essential fatty acid to know about - Punicic acid. It’s also called omega 5 and it has been found to reduce inflammation, fend off free radicals and show cancer-fighting abilities. It also helps thicken skin and improve elasticity making it useful for scarring.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-08-14)

Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica Granatum) ☸ Base oils ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica Granatum)BEAUTY / COSMETICS The antioxidant phytochemicals and vitamins found in Pomegranate seed oil can help reduce signs of premature aging, improve collagen formation, and neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the skin.

Using this oil topically on the face can help to clear up signs of pimples and acne. The antibacterial and antioxidant effects of Pomegranate Seed oil can help eliminate the bacteria that causes acne and also rebalance oil levels on the skin.

It also helps unclog pores on the face to help in relieve the symptoms of acne. It also assists with unclogging scalp pores to promote hair growth.

The natural antioxidants present in Pomegranate Seed oil help to protect the skin from the harmful free radicals, aid in regulating the production of sebum and help treat hormonal imbalances in the body which consequently help in treating and preventing acne while the moisturizing effect of this nutrient-rich oil revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin to help it look smooth, soft and flawless.

Pomegranate Seed oil contains a form of Pro-estrogen, which is compatible with your natural hormones, and its hormone supporting and balancing effect has an amazing effect on skin texture.
This oil is extremely concentrated, so only a very small amount is required for the effects to be felt. The many benefits of the oil come from its high levels of Punicic acid, Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Linoleic acid, and Oleic acid, among various other active components.

This oil helps to treat skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and sunburns. Its potent healing qualities are helpful in repairing wounds, cuts, pimples, cracks and other break outs on the skin without leaving any scars or marks behind.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-08-14)

Cornflower Distillate (Centaurea Cyanus) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Base / General

Cornflower Distillate (Centaurea Cyanus)BASE / GENERAL
Cornflower often grew as a weed in cornfields (in the broad sense of "corn", referring to grains, such as wheat, barley, rye, or oats). The edible flower of the Cornflower can be used for culinary decoration, for example to add colour to salads. Cornflowers have been used historically for their blue pigment. Cornflowers are often used as an ingredient in some tea blends and herbal teas.

The Hydrosol has a pleasant, delicate, fruity, floral, green, herbal aroma. Almost a kilo of fresh flowers are needed to produce a bottle of  Cornflower Floral Water.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-21)

Cornflower Distillate (Centaurea Cyanus) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Cornflower Distillate (Centaurea Cyanus)BEAUTY / COSMETICS
Cornflower Water is used for sensitive, dry and mature skin, especially for reddened skin. It intensively moisturizes the skin, contains anti-inflammatory properties, helps soothe and cool tired, swollen, itchy eyes.

Cornflower Water
can also be used to heal bumps and bruises.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-21)

Cornflower Distillate (Centaurea Cyanus) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Medicine / Health

Cornflower Distillate (Centaurea Cyanus)MEDICINE / HEALTH
Cornflower Hydrolate has truly wonderful soothing and cooling properties.

Cornflower Water is renowned for its therapeutic properties, particularly as an eye treatment.

Long in the past, it was said that cornflower was a remedy for blue eyes. Cornflower floral water is mainly known for its decongesting and soothing effect on tired, swollen or irritated eyes. However, its soothing action also relieves and attenuates minor cutaneous irritations by regenerating the skin. Its astringent action helps regulate sebum secretion and adds radiance to the complexion.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-21)

Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Base / General

Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica)BASE / GENERAL
The 16th-century Codex Mendoza provides evidence that Chia Seeds was cultivated by the Aztec in pre-Columbian times, and economic historians say it may have been as important as maize as a food crop. It was given as an annual tribute by the people to the rulers in 21 of the 38 Aztec provincial states.

In nowadays Chia Seeds (grain product, surprisingly) are seeds from the plant Salvia Hispanica that are used for supplemental purposes to supply dietary fiber and fatty acid.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-06)

Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Food / Cooking

Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica)FOOD / COOKING
Chia Seeds can be eaten cooked or raw, but they should be added to another food or soaked before eating.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-06)

Sesame Seeds (Sesamum Indicum) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Base / General

Sesame Seeds (Sesamum Indicum)BASE / GENERAL
Sesame Seed is considered to be the oldest oilseed crop known to humanity.

The genus has many species, and most are wild. Most wild species of the genus Sesamum are native to sub-Saharan Africa. Sesamum Indicum, the cultivated type, originated in India.

The historic origin of Sesame was favored by its ability to grow in areas that do not support the growth of other crops. It is also a robust crop that needs little farming support - it grows in drought conditions, in high heat.

In myths, the opening of the capsule releases the treasure of Sesame Seeds, as applied in the story of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" when the phrase "Open Sesame" magically opens a sealed cave. Upon ripening, sesame seeds split, releasing a pop and possibly indicating the origin of this phrase.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-06)

Flax Seeds (Linum usitatissimum) ☸ Ingredients ☸ Base / General

Flax Seeds (Linum usitatissimum)BASE / GENERAL
Grown since the beginning of civilization, Flax Seeds are one of the oldest crops. There are two types, brown and golden, which are equally nutritious. Flax Seeds produce a vegetable oil known as Flax Seed oil or Linseed oil, which is one of the oldest commercial oils.

Long before flaxseed was the superseed we know it as today, it was primarily used to create textiles. These days, of course, it’s considered a staple in the nutrition world and is known for being an excellent source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-06)

Apple Blossoms ☸ Plants ☸ Base / General

Apple Blossoms BASE / GENERAL
Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus. Apples have been grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe and were brought to North America by European colonists.

The Apple tree as we know it today was most likely the result of a wild hybridization from species in central Asia. Evidence of the earliest edible Apple was found in the Jordan Valley and dates back to 6,500 B.C. Apple trees thrive in loamy or heavy clay soils with adequate drainage and are most fruitful when planted full sun.

Apple Blossoms are available in the early spring. Visually as a garnish, Apple Blossoms have a delicate and elegant appearance. Their sweet flavor also complements fruits like Lemon, Pear, Apricot and Quince, or other edible aromatic flowers such as Rose, Jasmine, and Elderflower.

Flowers are generally very high in antioxidants and important in ridding the body of free radicals. A tea of dried Apple Blossoms may be consumed as a stress reliever, digestion aid or to clear complexion.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-06)

Apple Blossoms ☸ Plants ☸ Medicine / Health

Apple Blossoms MEDICINE / HEALTH
Apple Blossoms are just one of the many flowers that are used in Chinese herbal medicine. There their name is Pin Guo Hua and they are an integral part of maintaining the mind and body balance of Yin and Yang.

Apple Bblossom, probably unsurprisingly, contains Vitamin C, and has been eaten in the past to prevent scurvy.  The stems have been used to treat stomach upsets. It has also been reported that they are anti-cancerous.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-03-06)

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica) ☸ Base oils ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica)BEAUTY / COSMETICS
Chia oil contains a significant amount of antioxidants like polyphenols and carotenoids which protect your skin and cells. A good quality Chia oil has highest amounts of essential fatty acids and antioxidants than inferior quality of Chia oil.

This oil is very rich in fatty acids, zinc and vitamin B3. A thin, highly moisturising oil with a silky soft feel. Suitable for all skin types but particularly acne prone, oily or sensitive skin. Very hydrating and fast absorbing.

Chia oil can use for eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions, can help calm rosacea.

Seed oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, it can assist in reducing inflammation. This will clear up blemishes at a faster rate.

This oil is more moisturizing than nourishing, it is perfect anti-aging eye serum, toner and moisturizer. It will actually tone and tighten skin, instead. That’s why some people love applying it on their face right before moisturizing. It has a skin tightening property which prevents under eye bags.

Chia Seed oil is rich in protein and zinc - two minerals that are great for hair health. Protein and zinc assist in the production of new hair cells that boost hair growth.

Also use Chia Seed oil as a cuticle and nail oil for hydrated and healthy-looking cuticles and strong nails.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-01-10)

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica) ☸ Base oils ☸ Base / General

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica)BASE / GENERAL
Chia is the edible seed of Salvia Hispanica, a flowering plant in the mint family (Lamiaceae) native to Central America.

There is evidence the crop was widely cultivated by the Aztecs in pre-Columbian times and was a staple food for Mesoamerican cultures.

The 16th-century Codex Mendoza provides evidence that it was cultivated by the Aztec in pre-Columbian times, and economic historians say it may have been as important as maize as a food crop. Offerings to the Aztec priesthood were often paid in Chia Seed.

Chia Seed oil is a nutrient-rich oil with a golden color. It has a mild, clean, nutty flavor. This oil has a thin and light consistency, much like Grapeseed oil.

Chemical structure:

5% - 8% - Palmitic fatty acid
1% - 4% - Stearic fatty acid
6% - Oleic fatty acid (Omega - 9)
17% - Linoleic acid (Omega - 6)
57% - Alpha - Linolenic fatty acid (Omega - 3)
4132 ppm - Phytosterols (Beta-Sitosterol at around 49%, Stigmasterol at around 30%)
446ppm - Tocopherols

Chia Seed oil is a moderately rich oil with omega - 3 (Alpha-linolenic) and omega - 6 (Linoleic) fatty acids which typically contains more than 50% Alpha-linolenic acid. Linolenic acid is a skin conditioning and restorative fatty acid that helps speed up skins healing process, reduces trans-epidermal water loss and reduces flaking and dryness for all skin types. That's way this oil is more moisturizing than nourishing.

Caffeic acid
Chlorogenic acid
Oleic acid

Self live: 1 year

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-01-09)

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica) ☸ Base oils ☸ Food / Cooking

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica)FOOD / COOKING
Today, Chia seeds oil is the perfect healthy nutrient for those looking for a high-fiber, high-protein, and high-omega-3-fatty-acid food. They’re low in cholesterol and sodium, but high in antioxidants, and are also good sources of potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and manganese.

Because Chia Seed oil contains large quantities of omega-3, it’s the perfect supplement to take daily to experience these brain-boosting benefits.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-01-09)

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica) ☸ Base oils ☸ Medicine / Health

Chia Seed Oil (Salvia Hispanica)MEDICINE / HEALTH
Contraindications: No direct side effect of Chia Seeds. However, to avoid possible digestive problems, drink enough water while using Chia Seeds.

Pregnancy / Lactation: Chia Seeds are one of few foods that combine all the important nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, making it truly a super food.

Chias Seed ability to absorb and retain water helps to prolong and maintain hydration throughout the body. Due to this unique feature of Chia Seeds chemical composition, tissue development and regeneration during pregnancy and lactation are significantly improved.

and calcium needs are higher during pregnancy to support tissue development and bone growth. Iron is also an important mineral during pregnancy because maternal and baby blood volumes are increasing.

Omega-3 are vital for health and development of the baby’s brain. Fish is the major source of omega-3, but its mercury content can be a cause for concern during pregnancy; Chia Seed oil can be a safer alternative.

Chia Seeds are not only safe during breastfeeding, they are known to increase the production of breast milk. They are also an excellent source of nutrients for the mother while she lactates.

Our body does not produce omega-3, that’s why we must get omega-3 from food sources. Chia oil contains significant amounts of omega-3 in the formnature intended: a perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6.

This is important because too much omega-6 can lead to inflammation in body which is associated with almost all degenerative problems from joint pain, cancer to heart disease.

Omega-3 supplement, like Chia Seed oil, to reduce inflammation and protect cells and support critical systems in body like heart, brain, immune and nervous systems.

Omega-3 fats help build brain cell membranes, promote new brain cell formation and reduce overall brain inflammation. This will help to improve your mood and memory and can often protect against certain brain disorders like depression and dementia.

Studies have shown that Chia Seeds have many health benefits. Preliminary research shows they may help people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels. Animal studies show that diets rich in Chia Seeds lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while increasing HDL levels.

Because of their high levels of essential fatty acids, they’re also believed to help boost brainpower and support healthy cardiovascular function. In fact, these fats appear to help the heart beat in the right rhythm to avoid the dangerous, and potentially fatal, erratic rhythm.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2019-01-09)

Pipette ☸ Tools ☸ Medicine / Health

Nowadays, the two types of glass that are used mainly in the laboratory and in the Pasteur pipette are borosilicate glass and soda lime glass.

Borosilicate glass is a widely used glass for laboratory apparatus, as it can withstand chemicals and temperatures used in most laboratories.

Plastic Pasteur pipettes are often used in biology where most media are aqueous and solvent resistance is not important.  The pipettes are also hard to wash and are usually discarded with other biohazard waste after each use.

Plastic bulb pipettes are generally not precise enough to be used for exact measurements, whereas their glass counterparts can be extremely precise.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-12-20)

Raspberry Seed Oil (Rubus Idaeus) ☸ Base oils ☸ Medicine / Health

Raspberry Seed Oil (Rubus Idaeus)MEDICINE / HEALTH
Raspberry Seed oil  is very high in Vitamin E - an antioxidant. Antioxidants in skin care are important to prevent oxidative damage, which can lead to premature skin aging and skin cancer.

This oil is rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids), primarily linoleic and linolenic acids. It contains very high levels of tocopherols (Vitamin E), which act as antioxidants, and carotenoids (Vitamin A).

Antioxidants in skin care are important to prevent oxidative damage, which can lead to premature skin aging and skin cancer.

Red Raspberry Seed oil is an excellent free radical scavenger and antioxidant, and a rich source of alpha and gamma tocopherol as well as y-tocopherol, along with carotenoides (Vitamin A).

According to the Oomah study (2000), Raspberry Seed oil has the ability to absorb UV light similar to a sunscreen with SPF 28 - 40.

Oils is well known for its potent anti-inflammatory benefits, some have found relief from skin issues such as eczema with continued, topical use of the oil, due to its potent essential fatty acid complex which is rich in omegas.

The composition of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids has been shown to reduce the effects of oxidative stress in skin. It is rich in alpha linolenic acid, suggesting pronounced anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

The typical fatty acid profile is: 1 - 4% palmitic acid; 2% stearic acid; 10 - 14% oleic acid; 50 - 62% linoleic acid and 21 -  29% linolenic acid.

It is an extremely stable lipid that has redefined performance and stability standards for oils rich in essential fatty acids.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-12-10)

Raspberry Seed Oil (Rubus Idaeus) ☸ Base oils ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Raspberry Seed Oil (Rubus Idaeus)BEAUTY / COSMETICS
Blocks UV rays as a natural sunscreen;
High antioxidant booster for fighting free radicals;
Combats sun damage and photoaging;
Boosts collagen and elastin for firmer skin;
Fights acne and helps heal eczema and psoriasis;
Fights age spots, wrinkles, premature aging;

Raspberry Seed oil is absorbed into skin at a medium-average rate, and is a light, dry, thin and long oil which may leave a slightly oily, silky feel to the skin. Because of this slight oily residue, it is best to use as a dilution in your formula, rather than as a base ingredient.

This oil is absorbed into skin at a medium-average rate, and is a light, dry, thin and long oil which may leave a slightly oily, silky feel to the skin.

Rubus Idaeus Seed oil offers anti-aging benefits of improving skin elasticity, suppleness and flexibility, while softening and smoothing the look of wrinkles, fine lines and agging skin.

Raspberry Seed oil also serves as a luxurious addition to lip balms and lip products, as it forms an occlusive barrier to prevent moisture loss and protect skin from damaging elements. This oil is very high levels of phytosterols that can help reduce trans-epidermal water loss, thereby helping to keep skin moisturized.

Rubus Idaeus Seed oil boast another antioxidant called ellegic acid, which prevents early wrinkles and boosts your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, which makes your face look more youthful and firm.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-12-10)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus Globulus) ☸ Essential oils ☸ Medicine / Health

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus Globulus)MEDICINE / HEALTH

Children: Avoid using on children under 10 years.

Aromatically, Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil has a fresh, woody and bright medicinal aroma. The term camphorous is sometimes used to describe the medicinal characteristics of Eucalyptus essential oil. It's the 1,8 cineole that is responsible for giving the oil its distinctive Eucalyptus aroma.

There are over 900 different species of Eucalyptus, of which at least 500 produce essential oils. Native to Tasmania and Australia where it is a traditional home remedy, the leaves of this tree were historically smoked to improve difficulties in breathing.

It’s one of the best essential oils for sore throats, cough, seasonal allergies and headaches. Eucalyptus oil benefits are due to its ability to stimulate immunity, provide antioxidant protection and improve respiratory circulation.

Surprisingly for an antimicrobial substance, there are also immune-stimulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and spasmolytic effects. Of the white blood cells, monocytes and macrophages are most affected.

Application by either vapor inhalation or oral route provides benefit for both purulent and non-purulent respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Researchers have found that its “broad-spectrum antimicrobial action make it an attractive alternative to pharmaceuticals.” This is why Eucalyptus essential oil is commonly used in products to fight foreign pathogens and different forms of infections.

Eucalyptol, or 1,8-cineole, which accounts for 70 - 90% of the contents of Eucalyptus oil, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

Eucalyptus has a refreshing and stimulating action on the mind, helping to improve concentration. It is associated with the alleviation of grief and sorrow, as well as opening the heart and intellect while equalizing emotions.

Researchers have found that essential oil blend also had muscle-relaxing and mentally relaxing effects.

Eucalyptus essential oil boasts analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antineuralgic  properties. Its pain-relieving effects make it especially helpful in soothing strained and aching muscles as well as neuralgia, or pain extending in a nerve or group of nerves. Therefore, it is a highly recommended alternative treatment to rheumatism, sprains, stiff or strained muscles, lumbago, fibrosis, and nerve pain.

Improves respiratory conditions
Relieves cough
Improves seasonal allergies
Muscle pain reliever
Headache reliever
Incenct bite soother
Immune system booster
Aids wound care
Boosts mental clarity.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-10-16)

Jasmine (White Mallika) Distillate (Jasminum Sambac) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Jasmine (White Mallika) Distillate (Jasminum Sambac)BEAUTY / COSMETICS
pH:> 7 (For dry , normal, oily, Mixed skin types)

Jasmine Distillate is suitable for any skin other than highly sensitive skin, because the Jasmine has strong, refreshing and restorative properties.

White Mallika - Jasmine Distillate activates vital processes of the skin, which can cause excessive sensory activity.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-07-03)

Lavender Distillate (Lavandula Angustifolia) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Lavender Distillate (Lavandula Angustifolia)BEAUTY / COSMETICS

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-07-03)

Lavender Distillate (Lavandula Angustifolia) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Medicine / Health

Lavender Distillate (Lavandula Angustifolia)MEDICINE / HEALTH
The Lavender Water will assuage the pain of the wounds and bruises of children (and adults as well). He will calm down and raise your mood.

You can add Lavender Hydrolate to baby baths, to wash the baby's underwear. A bath with Lavender Water and you can provide a quiet and deep night's rest.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-07-03)

Lemon Verbena Distillate (Aloysia Citrodora) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Lemon Verbena Distillate (Aloysia Citrodora)BEAUTY / COSMETICS
pH: 5 -7 (For dry, normal, mild skin, in the case of cellulite)

Very pleasing, fresh, sweet citrus scent, with flowers and honey undertones - will please almost everyone.

Such Verbena Water is the most natural face cleanser, freshener and tonic, a seducer of sad thoughts and a soothing soul.

The fresh Verbena Hydrolate will restore your vitality, lustrous skin. Verbena Water cleans, tones, moisturises the skin, and is especially suitable for cellulite and dirt removal. Problematic, damaged skin is recommended to steam with Verbena Water.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-07-03)

Lemon Verbena Distillate (Aloysia Citrodora) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Medicine / Health

Lemon Verbena Distillate (Aloysia Citrodora)MEDICINE / HEALTH
Verbena plant knows ancient times in America - the Indians, who used this fragrant grass branch to create a visionary and enlightenment. Not a single study has shown that verbena grass and matter have the ability to revitalize the tired eyes.

Suitable for sensitive, irritated, emotionally tired people - soothes, reduces tension. Verbena leaf hydrolate, like leafy tea, calms and relaxes pleasantly, improves sleep.  Spray in the morning, relieves anxiety, in the evening (before bedtime) - relaxes thoughts and facial muscles.

Neutralizes solids in the skin, suitable for washing and cleaning, skin moisturizing during indoor or outdoor day.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-07-03)

Mastic distillate (Pistacia lentiscus) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Medicine / Health

Mastic distillate (Pistacia lentiscus)MEDICINE / HEALTH
The beauty and health reputation of the Chia Mastic has gained in antiquity - since ancient times it is valued for its unique aroma and healing properties. I m.e. a. Pedacio Dioscorides, the pioneer of medical botany, wrote about Mastic in her famous work "De Materia Medica" : "... removes stains from the face (acne) and gives the skin a healthy color. The best Mastic is from Chicho Island. "

In late Antiquity, Chio Mastic was considered a panacea, and well-known physicians of that time often mentioned her healing properties, especially abdominal ailments and problems with the oral cavity.

Mastic was used not only for treatment, but also for lifting mood, stimulating sexual desire, from insomnia, and of course, for preserving the beauty of the skin. The properties described by the ancient physicians are now confirmed by modern scientific research.

As a mouth rinse liquid - has a pleasant uninjured taste, deodorizes, protects from plaque and teeth stones, inhibits bacterial growth; can be enriched with a few percent essential oils of Mastic, Myrrh or Mint Eucalyptus.

It is characterized by antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-07-03)

Mastic distillate (Pistacia lentiscus) ☸ Herbal distillates ☸ Beauty / Cosmetics

Mastic distillate (Pistacia lentiscus)BEAUTY / COSMETICS

Submitted by OperaDreamhouse (2018-07-03)